When is NOW a good time!!,

Yesterday morning started the same as any other morning. I took the boys to school and Anne was looking after her brothers boys in Birmingham. So I had the day to myself to do pretty much as I pleased. The plan was to check the websites, prepare some webinar slides, make some phone calls and enjoy some sun in the garden.

I became aware of a pain in my chest that was getting worse. To the point that my breathing was being affected. I quickly became hot and sweaty, and I was on the edge of passing out. I made my way to the phone struggling for breath and feeling on the edge of unconsciousness.

I held onto the phone for a while, asking myself if I really needed to dial 999, but the pain was to much and I was beginning to panic. What if I passed out and that was it. Not a great sight for Anne to come home to. So I dialled.

It is really hard to give details to the phone operator when you can’t breathe and feel like an elephant is sitting on your chest.

The ambulance was with me in minutes and then I was whisked away to spend some time in hospital, being monitored, having hourly ‘ecg’ scans, being prodded and poked, needles in the arm and other places. Which is where I find myself writing this post.

It is six thirty in the morning and all is well, my blood tests are normal, all the scans and checks are fine. Still need to see the doctor for the official outcome of whatever happened yesterday, but it makes you realise that we never know when our time has come. My planned day yesterday was taken out of my control. And so to the point of this blog post.

When is NOW a good time to get your business built. Stop putting off what you need to do to get the job done. Kleeneze offer us all the opportunity to build a residual income. An income that comes in no matter how our day turns out, but you do have to get some work done first. Just help 10 people to make a bit of money and the ones who want to team build help them some more.

Our kleeneze income is about £1000 a week, no matter if I’m in hospital or not. So there is your proof that it is possible. The system is available, the support is available, all you need to do is bring the work ethic. Then together we can build your empire.

Trust me yesterday I was worried that I had not done enough to leave my family in a good place. Thankfully I’m still here to do something about it.

Dont wait to be in a hospital bed to make the decision to build your business, use each day to build a better future. A small change on a daily basis will have dramatic results over time.

Build your business guys, it is time to step up. We are here to help everyone all you have to do is ask.

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