Welcome Rewards

Part 1 – The First 30 Days (from registration)
A) When you hit £150 / €180 (125BP) in your first 30 days (now based on cumulative orders!), you will be able to select ONE of the FREE rewards.

B) When you hit £600 / €720 (500BP) in your first 30 days (now based on cumulative orders!), you can choose TWO more FREE rewards.


Part 2 – The First 60 Days (from registration)
Once you complete £1,200 / €1,440 cumulative orders within your first 60 days, you can choose a furtherTWO FREE rewards!


What are the main differences with this new starter incentive?

  • - You can now reap rewards over your first 60 days (maximum of five rewards) whilst you’re making money. It’s a longer time period to keep you focused and rewarded.
  • - All rewards are now based on CUMULATIVE orders to help those with online sales (ie, multiple orders can go into making up the target). These will be calculated on completed orders.
  • - You can now select dropship credits, meaning if you are doing online sales, you’ll get free delivery using this method

What are dropship credits and how do they work?
Dropship credits are free delivery credits on dropship orders below £50 / €60. If you select this option, every time you access the dropship screen you will see your credits pending there. There is no time limit on when you have to use these by.
What if I complete £1,200 / €1,440 cumulative orders within my first 30 days rather than 60?
Well firstly – well done, you’re a superstar! Secondly, don’t worry – you’ll just get all your rewards now to use whenever you’re ready.

What happened to the leads option?
The leads option will continue until the end of April 2016, at which time it will cease as part of Welcome Rewards. However, we will have a new leads initiative coming soon!

I’ve already started my 30 Day Bonus. What happens now?
You will automatically be switched over see the options for the new Welcome Rewards when you qualify.

I’m within my first 60 days, but after my first 30. Can I still qualify for the second part of Welcome Rewards?
Yes, absolutely! You will see the options on screen when you qualify.

My team member has completed one or both parts of Welcome Rewards and I’d love to acknowledge them!
Congratulations! Make sure you shout about their success on our Facebook Success Group.

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