Webinar Speakers

Do you want to become a Webinar speaker?

Speaking on webinars is part of Leadership, so if you are going to build a team, webinars will become a regular feature in your teams development. We will coach you until you feel confident.

So all we are after at this stage is the commitment to be coached as a webinar speaker.

The criteria is simple:

  • Personal retail of £500
  • Sponsor 1 person a period
The criteria is in place to ensure our speakers are actually doing something positive towards their business. So they can givevalue to the team.

Webinar Parts:

  • Hosting
  • Sharing The Opportunity
  • Basic Training
  • Testimonials


We need to have new people doing testimonials so the criteria does not apply to them.

Testimonial Structure

Need to be NO LONGER than 4 mins

       Need to follow this remit………………………

How you came into the business

What your personal situation was (your why)

Your first 4 weekly income

Any achievements within kleeneze

Your best 4 weekly income

Why attending the workshop is vital in achieving sponsoring success and growing your income through helping others.


  • Please do not offer personal opinions eg  “events are Americanised and happy-clappy”…..these are YOUR opinions and we want to be talking facts.
  • The webinars are not for letting others know “What you found best” or “what you like and don’t like about certain aspects”
  • Everything has to be system related and not to give hints and tips (the facebook page and 1:1’s deal with that.
  • The webinar is not primarily about you, it is primarily to show new people that there are all different types of people doing Kleeneze successfully.
  • If you agree to do a testimonial, please write it down first, practice it then time yourself. Practice is ALWAYS the key to successful presenting. Do not free-style.
  • FINALLY! In order to keep to time, anyone who reaches the 5 min mark will be @stopped’ for ‘technical reasons’ and we will move on to the next part of the webinar!