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    We need a photo of you and anything else that is relevant to your story. You can upload up to 3 files in the following formats: jpg, gif, png. We need at least 1 photograph of you for your testimonial.

Your Story Matters...

Seeing other peoples stories is one of the most powerful forms of proof to show your future team members. We need testimonials from brand new people as well as established distributors. A cheque for a small amount is actually more powerful than a cheque for thousands.

Everyone's testimonial will be made into a pdf file and available on the website for everyone to download and share.

Just fill in the form as best you can and we will email you the completed testimonial. Once you have approved it we will make it live on the website. So come on share your story and be an inspiration to others.

Using The PDF Viewer

When you open up or view any pdf files they will display in a special pdf viewer. At the top and bottom of the viewer you will see a menu with the controls in.


From the left, the first 2 buttons allow you to scroll through the file page by page. The next 2 buttons allow you to zoom in or out. The next button allows you to download the file, and  finally the last button will display the file in full screen, or reduces it from full screen.