Facebook Private Message Script

How To Use This Script

Once you have posted your ads on social media you will start to have people private message you, asking for more information. So simply copy and paste the following messages back to them.

Do you need to ring these people? - You can if you want to but these messages delivered correctly will attract the right people to you. You will find that most are happy just to chat to you via the messenger system.

Start Here

Message 1 & 2 are sent at the same time but as 2 seperate messages.

Message 1

Hi thanks for messaging me 😊 We have reps all over the uk, Ireland and Spain. Demand is very high at this time of year so it's all hands on deck . So We're looking for lots more reps . We sell all kinds of products of high quality From fashion Jewellery , home accessories , health products and much much more . The products fly out . There are 3 ways you can earn money with us , online selling ( eBay gumtree ext but best results come from Facebook buy and sell sights ) . We also have catalogues you could post in your local area if you wish . For the more ambitious there are opportunity to build a team of your own by getting others to join and you then earn extra bonuses from there sales . You can do all 3 or just 1 of them . This video explains how it all works if you can take a look and let me know what you think . We can get you started ASAP


Message 2

If you would like to see how we work then please join this group 😊 . 

<add the link for your selling group here>

Then if they are interested

Message 1

To get set up online it's only £25 . That gives you your own website and a trading account to order stock as you need it instead of paying for items up front . You also get 5 of each catalogues to show friends and family . There are bigger catalogue kits available if you want to do that option . It's 30
Day money back trial so you can try it risk free 😊.

Message 2

Then send them the link to the K Life icat

Thank you to Lianne Martin for sharing this information

I would just like to thank Lianne and Andy for sharing this information with us.

Lianne and Andy became friends with Chris & Clare Kinsella whilst on a Kleeneze trip to Jamaica, from this friendship the Kinsellas have shared their facebook private message with Lianne and now they have shared it with us.

The Kinsellas business is booming right now so don't change anything just get on and use it. Post your ads and you will also see the results of your efforts.

Edward Ludbrook

Eric Worre

Kleeneze HQ

The Retail Tracker


The retail tracker is split into 4 weeks, one for each week of the period. The purpose of the tracker is twofold. Firstly to track the retail activity of your new team member to allow you to see any areas that they may be able to improve upon. Then secondly to demonstrate how the retail works over the 4 weeks. 

it is usual to have 'bad pick ups' and the tracker helps to eliminate them focusing on the current bad pick up and seeing the bigger picture. That over the 4 weeks with continuous effort they will have more good pick ups and that catalogue retail does work well when executed correctly.

Catalogues Out: Enter into the relevant box the exact number of catalogues delivered on that day.

Catalogues In: Enter into the relevant box the exact number of catalogues collected in on that  day.

Catalogues Lost: You must return for each catalogue a minimum of 3 times, after the 3rd time then enter the details into the tracker.

Order Value: On the day that you have collected in your catalogues tally up the order value and enter it on the tracker.

Number of Orders: Count the individual orders from customers and enter it below the order value.

At the end of each week total up each row of data and enter it in the corresponding 'TOTAL' column.

Once you have completed the 4 weeks on the tracker, add all your totals of each row and place the final figures in the box at the bottom.


Coach Tips

  • - Collect in your team members first lot of catalogues with them and help them to fill in their tracker.
  • - Keep track of when they are delivering and collecting and have a chat with them to see how they got along.
  • - Have a weekly coaching call with them to discuss how they are getting along.
  • - Make sure you keep on checking that they are completing their tracker.

Hand Out

30 Day Achievement Chart

30 Day Tracker

Setting goals is something that we all do, however achieving goals is something that most people struggle with.

This is an easy visual aid to staying on track to achieve your daily goals.

In the box provided list you top 5 daily goals. Such as:

  • - getting your catalogues out
  • - making your phones calls
  • - reading a personal development book
  • - listening to a positive audio
  • - writing your list for tomorrow

Then when you have achieved all your 5 goals for that day simply colour in the 1st box.

When you achieve all 5 daily goals, then colour in the daily block above the previous daily block.

If you fail to complete all 5 daily goals then colour in the daily block below the previous daily block.

Over the course of the month your blocks should follow an upward trend to your success.


This is a basic training that should be delivered at house meetings, on webinars and at network training's. The focus of the training is to promote commitment to being successful with your new and existing team members.

If the meeting allows we recommend that you print out the handout for each person in the meeting and sit in a circle to discuss each point. The slides should only be used in a larger meeting environment or webinar situation.