Sharing The Opportunity

Building a team is one of most rewarding parts of our business, and it is available to everyone. So what do you have to do to share our opportunity with them?


1. Show them the video

The new video is only 4 minutes 38 seconds long and covers the opportunity beautifully. Just send your friends, family or prospects to our dedicated website.


2. Give them a call!!!

Once they have watched the video just give them a call and ask them:

  • What did you think?
  • What part of the video did you like the best?

There are scripts available to guide you on this part, so make sure you take a look in the '10 steps' section. Your sponsor will guide you on this.

Basically all we are doing is looking for the lookers, those people who see something in the video that appeals to them. If you just answer their questions and tell them your experiences you can't go wrong.

Some will want to know more and some won't be interested, all we are doing is helping the ones that want to know more. So all we do is take them onto the next stage.


3. Show the Opportunity

If you look at the website. You will see just under the video on the right hand side there is a link that says 'Learn More', ask them to click on this.

The best way to do this is for you to be chatting to them on the phone while they and you look at your computer screens. Once you click on the link it will ask you for a password, which is 'more'.

This now opens up a 5 page presentation that you talk them through. Again the scripts for this can be found in the 10 steps information. Simply follow the scripts to talk them through the presentation.

Your sponsor will happily take you through it and they can also arrange for you to listen to them when they talk someone else through it. Better still let your sponsor talk to one of your people who are interested.

The final page covers the start up costs and asking them for their decision on getting started.

Have fun and share it with everyone.

7 Replies to “Sharing The Opportunity”

  1. Our local respected and well known curry restaurant owner let me post on his personal wall tonight and shared my ask Donna post bless him.

  2. Many people will email you back after they have watched the video before you even call them which is great. They are loving it! 🙂

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