Online Messages

Message for online customers

Hi <NAME>, I hope you are happy with your <PRODUCT THEY BOUGHT>? Any problems just come back to me. Just to let you know I will be placing an order on <DAY> for delivery on <48 HOURS LATER> if there was anything you would like from your complimentary catalogue? <YOUR NAME> 🙂

Message online customers before placing an order

Evening, hope you're okay and are happy with your last order of <PRODUCT>. Just a quick message to let you know I'm placing an order <DAY> evening if there's anything you would like from the free catalogue you received with your last order? You can also check the online catalogue at<YOUR LINK>

Thanks <YOUR NAME>

Pinned Post for your group

Hello - we hope you enjoy looking through our group.

To view our full current range of products please click here: <BITLY LINK>

N.B. I am looking to find a few people who would like to earn typically an extra £300 - £600 each month by selling some products like these.

Full support and training. Message me if you would like some information - <YOUR NAME> 🙂



A BITLY LINK is a shortened version of the link to your Kleeneze website. We use the bitly link as more people are more likely to follow it.

  1. Go to:
  2. Sign Up - It is free
  3. Add your link
  4. Copy the link to your pinned post