Drop Ship

The idea behind Drop Shipping came from the rise of Internet selling and to support this we wanted to give you an option to send directly to your customer through your ordering site. So, you can now place the order, click the drop ship button and – providing there are no more than 10 items – the delivery charge will change to £3.95 or free if the order´s over £50. Ensure your customer has paid you first and you´ll pay off your account in the normal way. You will receive the usual catalogue commission applicable to the product you´re ordering when using this option.

The returns policy for this option works exactly the same as if you were selling locally – you arrange the return of the product to Kleeneze and we will refund / replace where possible.

We are aware that sometimes you will need to get a single item or items sent to you quickly rather than waiting to place your next big order and this is perfectly acceptable with the Drop Ship option.

However, some people are breaking down larger orders simply to get that free delivery, this is unacceptable and may result in action against the accounts responsible and suspension of the trial.

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