Webinar Trial

Webinar, webinar oh webinar

As it seems that webinars are here to stay and in some cases replacing the physical meeting we have made the decision to make some changes to our weekly webinars. Not that you should notice to much of a difference.

There are a number of webinar providers who are all interested in something other than providing a service and that is your cash. We started out using GVO who didn't charge that much, it was only about £10 a month however that was reflected in a poor service. I'm sure some of you can remember those early webinars with the 'Gremlins', thats if they worked at all.

Then we moved onto our current provider who I have been really happy with. WebinarJam has given us a carefree service but it costs £425 a year, which is about £8 a webinar at the moment.

So I have been looking around to see if there are any other alternatives and guess what there are loads, but one has proved to be just what we want. The same level of service as WebinarJam based on the same platform which is Google Hangouts. So we have the security that the webinar platform is solid and proven. While lowering the price to £70 a year making each webinar about £1.33. Result!!!

Now, I know what you are thinking. What if it goes belly up?

I have WebinarJam until November 2016 so we have a back up and if it does not perform like we want it to then we will revert back to WebinarJam later in the year. So we have a safety net.

On our support site (benumber1.co.uk) you will see a new menu on the left hand side with the current link to tomorrows webinar (18th march) which links externally to the webinar. The link for the 25th March webinar keeps you on our website.

Registration will go live after the previous webinar, but you can take a quick look if you want. I have no doubt it will take us a few weeks to get used to it and iron out any creases, but it is all set to go live from next week.


Webinar Presenters

For those of you who help run the webinars the only change as far as you need to know is on the set up side and your invitation to host link will change. Instead of receiving an email you will be invited into the webinar as i set it up. I will be doing a video showing this and I will send it to you asap.

Webinar Speakers

Do you want to become a Webinar speaker?

Speaking on webinars is part of Leadership, so if you are going to build a team, webinars will become a regular feature in your teams development. We will coach you until you feel confident.

So all we are after at this stage is the commitment to be coached as a webinar speaker.

The criteria is simple:

  • Personal retail of £500
  • Sponsor 1 person a period
The criteria is in place to ensure our speakers are actually doing something positive towards their business. So they can givevalue to the team.

Webinar Parts:

  • Hosting
  • Sharing The Opportunity
  • Basic Training
  • Testimonials


We need to have new people doing testimonials so the criteria does not apply to them.

Testimonial Structure

Need to be NO LONGER than 4 mins

       Need to follow this remit………………………

How you came into the business

What your personal situation was (your why)

Your first 4 weekly income

Any achievements within kleeneze

Your best 4 weekly income

Why attending the workshop is vital in achieving sponsoring success and growing your income through helping others.


  • Please do not offer personal opinions eg  “events are Americanised and happy-clappy”…..these are YOUR opinions and we want to be talking facts.
  • The webinars are not for letting others know “What you found best” or “what you like and don’t like about certain aspects”
  • Everything has to be system related and not to give hints and tips (the facebook page and 1:1’s deal with that.
  • The webinar is not primarily about you, it is primarily to show new people that there are all different types of people doing Kleeneze successfully.
  • If you agree to do a testimonial, please write it down first, practice it then time yourself. Practice is ALWAYS the key to successful presenting. Do not free-style.
  • FINALLY! In order to keep to time, anyone who reaches the 5 min mark will be @stopped’ for ‘technical reasons’ and we will move on to the next part of the webinar!