Retail To Sponsor Leaflet

When To Use This leaflet:

When you are collecting in your catalogues. Every time a customer has placed an order fill in the top of the leaflet with the day and time you will be delivering their order and make sure your contact details are at the bottom.

Then when you deliver your products remember to ask them if they where interested and if they watched the video.

If it is not for them, just tag onto the end of the conversation if they know anybody who might be interested. You could ask for their details or ask your customer to pass on the leaflet for you.

CLICK HERE to download the leaflet

To Do Lists

There are many advantages working from a “to-do” list:

  • You have clarity on what you need to get done
  • You will feel less stressed because all your ‘to do’s are on paper and out of your mind
  • It helps you to prioritize your action
  • You don’t overlook so many tasks and forget anything
  • You feel more organized
  • It helps you with planning

Here are my golden rules for making a “to-do” list work:

  1. Limit your list to 10 tasks per day.
  2. Prioritize: Make sure your list is in order of importance, so you put the most important at number 1 and least important at number 10. This way you will always stay focused on the main goals for that day. Should you not complete your list and for instance only achieve up to number 8, then 9 & 10 get added to your list for the next day.
  3. Review. To make this list work effectively for you, it needs to become a daily tool that you use to manage your time and you review it regularly. There is no point in only having the list to record everything that you need to do, but you don’t utilize it as part of your bigger time management plan.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper and give yourself the gift of a calm and clear mind by unloading everything in there onto a list now that you have all the tools you need for it to work. Knowledge is useless unless it is applied—how badly do you want more time?

Starter Kits 2016

Success Kit 1

Kleeneze 250 - £125

Payment Option 1:
Pay £25 upon registration followed by a payment of £50 on day 30, and a final £50 on day 60.

Payment Option 2:
Make 1 payment upon registration of £99 making a saving of £26

Success Kit 2

Combined 100 - £75

  • 50 Main Book
  • 50 K Life
  • 50 specialogues

Success Kit 3

K Life 50 - £50

  • 50 K Life

Whilst stocks last, the Go Pro book will also be included in this option.

Success Kit 4

Kleeneze 50 - £50

  • 50 Kleeneze books

Whilst stocks last, the Go Pro book will also be included in this option

Success Kit 5

Digital 10 - £25

This option gives your new starter the chance to start an online business, but with enough catalogues to give to family and friends to start their catalogue business up at the same time.

Starter Kit Comparison Table

Buying Leads


This Ad pool is a regular commitment of £50 each period. Only commit to this when you are prepared to invest at least £50 each 'Kleeneze pay day'


How To Join

Each advertising share is £50 (including VAT). You can have as many shares as you want

Standing order Payments:

  • Instant Web Leads, Barclays Bank
  • Account Number: 93626326
  • Sort Code: 20-36-43
  • Use your full name as a reference

Join Now!!! – Fill in the form below

Instant Web Leads

  • This is to display on the video page (optional)
  • This is to display on the video page (optional)
  • Watch the 'LINKING TO BIG ADVERTISING' video to see how to find this

Linking to Big Advertising

Online Registration & Welcome Email Instructions

Online Registration With Kleeneze

Ok your registration takes place online. I'm sending your details to Kleeneze and that will generate an email with the online registration form which comes to your inbox.

Ok I'll register you now....

Go to - Distributor Login - onthe black bar at the top select "MANAGE YOUR LEADS" - Register a New Distributor


So go to your email inbox and you will find the link to start. refer to the online registration. Your new distributor should then complete the registration forms - whilst you are on the phone.

Welcome to the team

I am now sending you our "Welcome Email". It contains links to click to join our training system. it is very important that you work through the email and the links within.


Follow Up & Gaining Commitment

So when someone tells you they want to proceed we say;

That's great John I'm really pleased you've made the decision to join us. I just need to explain a couple of points to you is that ok?

I'm going to be your sponsor, what that means is that I'm going to work in partnership with you. I will give you a lot of help and my time especially in your first 6 months to help you build your income.

I'm going to give you that coaching and time by 1-1 Skype calls, regular communication with you be telephone and I'll be your main support in helping you achieve whatever you want from your business.

I promise you 100% help and support and I promise you I won't let you fail. in return for which I expect you to keep in regular contact with me by telephone and Skype and to show up for our training sessions promptly with a willingness to learn.

But before you go ahead I just want you to understand a few things.

You understand that this is a business, not a job and it's going to take 3 months to build a customer base of 400 to 500 customers through social media and the catalogues. You'll have some ups and downs are you happy to do that?

Ok the second thing we need you to do is to commit to following and learning our system and basically what that consists of is:

  • we have a private closed facebook training group that we will add you to immediately. We expect you to communicate on there with other successful people which will enable you to learn a lot about our training programme. Are you happy to do that?

The next important thing - we have a training support system on a Wednesday night. They run at 9pm and are completely free. basically it involves you clicking on a link on your computer and watching a live training on your computer for about 45 minutes. Are you prepared to do that?

And then finally the only other thing we would say to you which is crucial is that you come and attend your first induction training workshop within 4 weeks.

It's very very important - it's absolutely crucial that you attend your first training induction and we give you a system of training that will help you build yourcustomer base and also help you build your online business by helping you get online customers as well.

Are you happy to do that?

GREAT I'm really looking forward to working with you! Iam now sending you a link....



GAINING COMMITMENT FROM PEOPLE TO FOLLOW OUR SYSTEM: Do this before the ONLINE REGISTRATION Key point: We do not get paid for signing people up. We get paid for expanding the business and we do that by getting people to learn and follow our system. OUR SYSTEM:
  1. 1. Retailing products
  2. 2. Communicating upline using facebook training group.
  3. 3. Attending weekly training sessions on Wednesday night.
  4. 4. Attending a monthly training workshop.
Those are the 4 elements that we need to get people to commit to from the beginning.

REMEMBER: Your posture and the confidence that you give them, to a large extent, will determine the action that they take - so the responsibility is 100% yours!

The Welcome Email

Copy & Paste This To Your New Team Member

Change all the red parts for your information and make them all black


Hi <name>

Subject: Welcome to the team

Welcome to Kleeneze and our team, and congratulations; you have made a fantastic decision that will change your future. Our role is to help you achieve your goals. We will provide help and support by coaching you in our system and working in partnership with you. All you have to do is tell us what you are looking for, learn and follow the system and you can expect 100% help and support from us.

We communicate and train you using our Team Facebook Group, resource Site, Webinars and Meetings. FIRSTLY connect to me on Facebook<yourlink> so that I can add you to our Team Facebook group. Go straight to our Resource Site at to learn how to retail our products with our catalogues and social media.

We need to have a ‘Getting Started’ session with you asap which takes about 20 minutes to complete. I will call you soon to arrange this.

If there are any questions in the meantime don't hesitate to ring  - I'm here to help.

We look forward to working with you


<your name>

<your mobile>

Skype: <your skype name>

When you receive your new started confirmation email from Kleeneze:


  • Send them a welcome email
  • At the same time give them a call
    • Tell them about the welcome email
    • Download Skype & send you a friend request
    • Connect on Facebook straight away, add them to the team groups
    • Explain the website is their team support site.
    • Book the Getting Started Session, Skype call (ASAP) for the following day (only need about 30 minutes)
  • Order their ‘Start Up’ pack from Barneys printshop (Catalogues Only)
  • Post them a welcome card
    • Welcome to the team, looking forward to working with you….