Retail To Sponsor Leaflet

When To Use This leaflet:

When you are collecting in your catalogues. Every time a customer has placed an order fill in the top of the leaflet with the day and time you will be delivering their order and make sure your contact details are at the bottom.

Then when you deliver your products remember to ask them if they where interested and if they watched the video.

If it is not for them, just tag onto the end of the conversation if they know anybody who might be interested. You could ask for their details or ask your customer to pass on the leaflet for you.

CLICK HERE to download the leaflet

To Do Lists

There are many advantages working from a “to-do” list:

  • You have clarity on what you need to get done
  • You will feel less stressed because all your ‘to do’s are on paper and out of your mind
  • It helps you to prioritize your action
  • You don’t overlook so many tasks and forget anything
  • You feel more organized
  • It helps you with planning

Here are my golden rules for making a “to-do” list work:

  1. Limit your list to 10 tasks per day.
  2. Prioritize: Make sure your list is in order of importance, so you put the most important at number 1 and least important at number 10. This way you will always stay focused on the main goals for that day. Should you not complete your list and for instance only achieve up to number 8, then 9 & 10 get added to your list for the next day.
  3. Review. To make this list work effectively for you, it needs to become a daily tool that you use to manage your time and you review it regularly. There is no point in only having the list to record everything that you need to do, but you don’t utilize it as part of your bigger time management plan.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a pen and paper and give yourself the gift of a calm and clear mind by unloading everything in there onto a list now that you have all the tools you need for it to work. Knowledge is useless unless it is applied—how badly do you want more time?

Online Messages

Message for online customers

Hi <NAME>, I hope you are happy with your <PRODUCT THEY BOUGHT>? Any problems just come back to me. Just to let you know I will be placing an order on <DAY> for delivery on <48 HOURS LATER> if there was anything you would like from your complimentary catalogue? <YOUR NAME> 🙂

Message online customers before placing an order

Evening, hope you're okay and are happy with your last order of <PRODUCT>. Just a quick message to let you know I'm placing an order <DAY> evening if there's anything you would like from the free catalogue you received with your last order? You can also check the online catalogue at<YOUR LINK>

Thanks <YOUR NAME>

Pinned Post for your group

Hello - we hope you enjoy looking through our group.

To view our full current range of products please click here: <BITLY LINK>

N.B. I am looking to find a few people who would like to earn typically an extra £300 - £600 each month by selling some products like these.

Full support and training. Message me if you would like some information - <YOUR NAME> 🙂



A BITLY LINK is a shortened version of the link to your Kleeneze website. We use the bitly link as more people are more likely to follow it.

  1. Go to:
  2. Sign Up - It is free
  3. Add your link
  4. Copy the link to your pinned post

The Retail Tracker


The retail tracker is split into 4 weeks, one for each week of the period. The purpose of the tracker is twofold. Firstly to track the retail activity of your new team member to allow you to see any areas that they may be able to improve upon. Then secondly to demonstrate how the retail works over the 4 weeks. 

it is usual to have 'bad pick ups' and the tracker helps to eliminate them focusing on the current bad pick up and seeing the bigger picture. That over the 4 weeks with continuous effort they will have more good pick ups and that catalogue retail does work well when executed correctly.

Catalogues Out: Enter into the relevant box the exact number of catalogues delivered on that day.

Catalogues In: Enter into the relevant box the exact number of catalogues collected in on that  day.

Catalogues Lost: You must return for each catalogue a minimum of 3 times, after the 3rd time then enter the details into the tracker.

Order Value: On the day that you have collected in your catalogues tally up the order value and enter it on the tracker.

Number of Orders: Count the individual orders from customers and enter it below the order value.

At the end of each week total up each row of data and enter it in the corresponding 'TOTAL' column.

Once you have completed the 4 weeks on the tracker, add all your totals of each row and place the final figures in the box at the bottom.


Coach Tips

  • - Collect in your team members first lot of catalogues with them and help them to fill in their tracker.
  • - Keep track of when they are delivering and collecting and have a chat with them to see how they got along.
  • - Have a weekly coaching call with them to discuss how they are getting along.
  • - Make sure you keep on checking that they are completing their tracker.

Hand Out

Welcome Rewards

Part 1 – The First 30 Days (from registration)
A) When you hit £150 / €180 (125BP) in your first 30 days (now based on cumulative orders!), you will be able to select ONE of the FREE rewards.

B) When you hit £600 / €720 (500BP) in your first 30 days (now based on cumulative orders!), you can choose TWO more FREE rewards.


Part 2 – The First 60 Days (from registration)
Once you complete £1,200 / €1,440 cumulative orders within your first 60 days, you can choose a furtherTWO FREE rewards!


What are the main differences with this new starter incentive?

  • - You can now reap rewards over your first 60 days (maximum of five rewards) whilst you’re making money. It’s a longer time period to keep you focused and rewarded.
  • - All rewards are now based on CUMULATIVE orders to help those with online sales (ie, multiple orders can go into making up the target). These will be calculated on completed orders.
  • - You can now select dropship credits, meaning if you are doing online sales, you’ll get free delivery using this method

What are dropship credits and how do they work?
Dropship credits are free delivery credits on dropship orders below £50 / €60. If you select this option, every time you access the dropship screen you will see your credits pending there. There is no time limit on when you have to use these by.
What if I complete £1,200 / €1,440 cumulative orders within my first 30 days rather than 60?
Well firstly – well done, you’re a superstar! Secondly, don’t worry – you’ll just get all your rewards now to use whenever you’re ready.

What happened to the leads option?
The leads option will continue until the end of April 2016, at which time it will cease as part of Welcome Rewards. However, we will have a new leads initiative coming soon!

I’ve already started my 30 Day Bonus. What happens now?
You will automatically be switched over see the options for the new Welcome Rewards when you qualify.

I’m within my first 60 days, but after my first 30. Can I still qualify for the second part of Welcome Rewards?
Yes, absolutely! You will see the options on screen when you qualify.

My team member has completed one or both parts of Welcome Rewards and I’d love to acknowledge them!
Congratulations! Make sure you shout about their success on our Facebook Success Group.

Welcome Rewards UK


Weekly Planner

Making Up Your Catalogues

Making Up Your Order

Qualify For A Bonus

How to Calculate Your Bonus

Putting Your Order On

Submitting Your Order

Your Invoice

How to Pay Kleeneze

Your Weekly Statement

Recent Transactions

Returning Products

Customer Card Payment

Our dedicated Customer Payment Phone Line, 01254 304187 is for your customers to call whilst you are at the doorstep making delivery of the goods. It is free for your customers to make payment by a debit card and only a 1.5% surcharge will be charged to them if payment is made by credit card. Calls will cost your normal rate, if calling from a mobile, charges depend on your service provider. Calls will last an average of 2 minutes (based on successful transactions).

To take advantage of this great new service we recommend you:

  1. Add pay by credit/debit card to your day slip (click here to download new dayslip)
  2. Check orders to see who wants to pay by card
  3. When you are out delivering your orders, inform your customers of this new service and the dedicated Payment Card Line phone number: 01254 304187.

Simple Guide to Taking Card Payments at the Door

IMPORTANT: You must make sure that you have your mobile phone with you to receive confirmation text of payment.

Customer and Distributor must be present on the doorstep

  1. Customer Telephones the Customer Payment Line  01254 304187
  2. Customer will be asked by Operator for : Distributor Account Number, Confirm Distributor’s Name, Amount to be paid
  3. Operator will proceed to take customer details (email address/phone number for receipt of payment), card detail, amount to be paid and process payment. (During this time it is polite and advisable to step back away from the customer whilst they are giving this information)
  4. Customer will be informed if payment is successful (or declined).
  • If successful a confirmation text/email (depending on information provided by the customer during call) will be automatically transmitted to the customer and a confirmation of payment received will automatically be sent by text/email to the distributor.
  • If payment is declined (Operator is unable to comment on reason) either the customer can request ‘try again’, provide another card or make alternative payment arrangements with the distributor (cash/cheque)
  1. Payment is automatically credited to the Distributor’s account (excluding surcharge).
  2. Complete delivery by handing over your goods to your customer.

Your Kleeneze account will be credited with the payment (excluding the surcharge). This is a great new facility that should benefit payment for higher valued orders, particularly those that include items from the Plus Book. 

It is important to note that this new Customer Payment Phone number is only available to receive customer card payments. Customers must call personally as payment can only be taken from the cardholder.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday 8am to 7pm
Thursday’s 8am to 7pm (9:30pm close on Period End)

“This is another huge step forward for your Kleeneze business and will undoubtedly increase your sales and customer satisfaction, another valuable commitment from us to make sure you make more money” Michael Khatkar