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CVSL Aquires Betterware!

Betterware is now our sister company! Look at your inbox for details!

October 15, 2015


To the Kleeneze Family:

I am pleased to tell you that Betterware has joined the CVSL Inc. family of consumer growth brands.  This means that two of the best known, most respected direct-to-consumer brands in the UK – Kleeneze and Betterware – now are fellow members of the CVSL commonwealth of companies.

Of course, the brands and sales networks will remain separate.   As co-members of the CVSL family, Betterware and Kleeneze will become more efficient behind the scenes supporting their sales networks and customers, in operational areas used by both companies.

Betterware and Kleeneze will become an alliance of equals — a partnership of two great companies selling similar products and offering similar earning opportunities.

The two companies will be stronger than they would be if they remained alone:

  • They will have more buying power for catalogue merchandise for their own unique product lines;
  • They will have more buying power for services such as printing and travel;
  • They will be able to share the best practices and ideas of both companies;
  • They will be able to gain efficiencies with shared infrastructure in areas such as warehousing and distribution, as well as other support areas such as technology, finance and customer service;
  • They will be better able to expand into new international markets

The things that make Betterware and Kleeneze unique companies will remain.  The purpose of both companies remains as always:  to give their sales networks an attractive opportunity to earn money and to give their customers an appealing array of products that fit their needs and lifestyles.

Kleeneze has powerful momentum and I want all of you to know how much I appreciate and am cheering your fine work.  You’re making 2015 a memorable year and I’m so excited to be at your side as we move toward an even more exciting 2016.

I’ll see many of you in Paris in a few weeks.  Meanwhile, let’s keep the amazing Kleeneze momentum going strong.  These are exciting times!


John Rochon Jr.



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  1. Very exciting times for our businesses. More efficient behind the scenes processes to enable both companies to function better and bring in bigger revenues. Can’t wait to hear what Mr Rochon has to say to us in Paris. 😀

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