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The Retail Tracker


The retail tracker is split into 4 weeks, one for each week of the period. The purpose of the tracker is twofold. Firstly to track the retail activity of your new team member to allow you to see any areas that they may be able to improve upon. Then secondly to demonstrate how the retail works over the 4 weeks. 

it is usual to have 'bad pick ups' and the tracker helps to eliminate them focusing on the current bad pick up and seeing the bigger picture. That over the 4 weeks with continuous effort they will have more good pick ups and that catalogue retail does work well when executed correctly.

Catalogues Out: Enter into the relevant box the exact number of catalogues delivered on that day.

Catalogues In: Enter into the relevant box the exact number of catalogues collected in on that  day.

Catalogues Lost: You must return for each catalogue a minimum of 3 times, after the 3rd time then enter the details into the tracker.

Order Value: On the day that you have collected in your catalogues tally up the order value and enter it on the tracker.

Number of Orders: Count the individual orders from customers and enter it below the order value.

At the end of each week total up each row of data and enter it in the corresponding 'TOTAL' column.

Once you have completed the 4 weeks on the tracker, add all your totals of each row and place the final figures in the box at the bottom.


Coach Tips

  • - Collect in your team members first lot of catalogues with them and help them to fill in their tracker.
  • - Keep track of when they are delivering and collecting and have a chat with them to see how they got along.
  • - Have a weekly coaching call with them to discuss how they are getting along.
  • - Make sure you keep on checking that they are completing their tracker.

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