Rising Stars League Table

League Tables

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You will be awarded points for your own actions as well as points for the actions of your team (initiated by you, in your PSG)

Workshops, Big 1's & Showcases

To validate attendance to any event make sure you take a picture of you and your team at the event with an event organiser or guest speaker and post it to the Facebook group with a comment about what you gained from attending the event.

Points will not be awarded, even if I see you at the event!!!


When you register for a webinar be sure to use your surname as well. I validate your attendance using my GSA which gives me the first letter of your christian name and your surname. So if I don't recognise you then i cannot give you the points.

 You(T) Team (PSG only)
£1000 Personal Retail12
Sponsoring & Initiating 2 distributorships12
Attending a 10 Steps Workshop12
Attending a Showcase or Big 112
Attending the Team Talk Webinar12



  • + Above & Beyond - Sponsoring
    • + Earn 1 point for every initiation over and above 4 initiations within the period
  • + Above & Beyond - New Business Sales
    • + Earn 1 point for every 100BP of new business sales within the period
We reserve the right to award Above & Beyond points at our discretion.