Awards & Trophies

The Rising Star Incentive

recognising you for building your business

Rising Star Award

If you are moving your business in the right direction then the 'Rising Star Award' is perfect for you. The Rising Star Award is a points based programme, which means you will be awarded points for any of the areas that we have accredited points to. The points table can be seen in the yellow box. At the end of each period we will recognise everyone on the Webinar who has gained any points. Your points will accumulate on the Rising Star League Table. At the end of the year we will announce our Rising Star Champions and reward them with a special prize.

Points are awarded for:

You will be awarded points for your own actions as well as points for the actions of your team (initiated by you, in your PSG)

Workshops, Big 1's & Showcases

To validate attendance to any event make sure you take a picture of you and your team at the event with an event organiser or guest speaker and post it to the Facebook group with a comment about what you gained from attending the event.

Points will not be awarded, even if I see you at the event!!!


When you register for a webinar be sure to use your surname as well. I validate your attendance using my GSA which gives me the first letter of your christian name and your surname. So if I don't recognise you then i cannot give you the points.

  You (T) Team (PSG only)
£1000 Personal Retail 1 2
Sponsoring & Initiating 2 distributorships 1 2
Attending a 10 Steps Workshop 1 2
Attending a Showcase or Big 1 1 2
Attending the Team Talk Webinar 1 2

Above & Beyond Award

Each period we will have a special recognition for anyone who has excelled in the period. This is discretionary and may only be awarded to 1 distributorship. As the title suggests it is for going above & beyond the Rising Star programme. We are looking for that Number 1 magic that makes our business so great. Doing more than expected. It's this kind of magic that builds this business. Anyone who is awarded the Above & Beyond Award will be given points in direct proportion to their actions. This is open to anyone and everyone, from the brand new team member all the way to the well established distributor.

Rising Stars League Table

Year End Awards

Number 1 Retailer

This award is presented to the distributorship who achieves the best personal retail throughout the year


Number 1 Team Builder

This award is presented to the distributorship who achieves the biggest team growth in turnover.



Number 1 Recruiter

This award is presented to the distributorship who personally sponsors the most in the year.



Number 1 Distributor

This award is discretionary and awarded to the distributorship who has excelled within the team.



Last Years Trophy Winners