6. Planning Your Route

  1. Deliver and collect your catalogues as close to your house as possible.
  2. Simply walk out of your front door and go left or right and pop a catalogue through each and every door.
  3. Some home owners will have placed a ‘we don’t buy from callers at the door’ sign in their window. These are not aimed at you. We do not sell at the door as our customers buy from the comfort of their armchair without any pressure. in fact you will find that a lot of your customers will have these signs.
  4. Use Google maps to plan your route, try to work an area at a time using your house as the central point. this is not always possible so make sure you work in a methodical way to be as efficient as possible.
  5. Your sponsor will be able to see your area using Google maps and can help you to plan your routes. organise a time for them to take a look and talk you through this stage.

WP Google Maps Error

In order for your map to display, please make sure you insert your Google Maps JavaScript API key in the Maps->Settings->Advanced tab.


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