5. Preparing Your Catalogues


  1. 1. Place a sticker on the back of each of the main catalogues only (not the seasonal ones).
  2. 2. Now place remaining stickers onto space provided on your order forms.
  3. 3. Put together your catalogues as advised by your coach and refer to the video above.
  4. 4. Place the order form in the pack as advised. use both sides of the bag as a display, as you don’t know which way round it will fall when you push it through the letterbox.
  5. 5. Place 1 slip in the front of each catalogue.
  6. 6. Turn your catalogue box on its end and start to stack the completed catalogues in the box, do not seal the snappy bags yet as they will be full of air
  7. 7. Once you have finished making the catalogues up, you will have a stack of catalogues already in their original box. Because they are stacked the excess air will have been pushed out so before moving them seal each bag. Air trapped in the bags make folding them for delivery harder than if they are almost vacuum packed.

Once your catalogues have been out you will notice your catalogue bags will start to become tarnished. Remember your catalogues are your shop window. Replacing your bags regularly will keep your catalogues looking fresh and inviting. Do you go shopping into dirty looking shops?

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