10. Ordering From Kleeneze

You will need your Kleeneze Distributor Number and Password. These can be found on your Welcome Letter.

  • Click onto www.kleeneze.co.uk
  • Click DISTRIBUTOR LOGIN on the top right hand corner
  • Enter your Distributor Number and Password (you may change this to something more memorable later)
  • Click on Manage Your Account/Place Distributor Orders
  • Enter your customer orders and any products you may want to try yourself. You can also order any business items (e.g. more order forms or catalogue bags or catalogues) with this order.
  • To ensure free delivery your order must be over £250.  However when you first start kleeneze reduce this value on your first few orders. See below:
    • £150 for free delivery in weeks 1 to 4
    • £250 thereafter
  • When you have finished entering all the items click on DELIVERY ADDRESS  and check that the order is being delivered where you would like it, remembering to add any specific delivery details (e.g. leave in porch etc). When all the items have been entered, click ACCEPT ORDER at the bottom of the page.




Step By Step Guide

This is a simple checklist of the things you need to do to successfully navigate your way around the Kleeneze ordering website.

1. Enter website at www.kleeneze.co.uk

2. Enter the UK site.

3. Enter distributor login.

4. Key in your account number and password. (This will have been emailed to you and can be changed once in the site.)

5. Enter “Internet ordering system” located in the top right hand side of the screen.

6. From menu bar on left select “Order entry.”

7. Begin placing orders.

 Find out what happens if :

  • You mis-key an item . √
  • You order 11 instead of 1 √
  • You need to delete an item√
  • Once you have checked all your orders on to the system (taking care to check your customers have wrote the correct price down) you can:
  • Make sure you have ordered carrier bags & snappy bags
  • Complete the order by pressing the accept button.
  • This will then show you the total value of your order, the amount you owe Kleeneze and most importantly how much profit you have earned!
  • Once you have seen this, press the accept button available and this then sends the order to Kleeneze for processing and you can continue to browse the site.

From the menu bar on the left ask your sponsor to explain how understanding the following menus will help you with your business:

  • Previous orders.
  • Goods Return.
  • Credit card payment.
  • Distributor services.
  • Group sales analysis.
  • Certificate of income.
  • Statement.
  • Order more Giro slips. (REMEMBER TO DO THIS!!!)

Once have briefly visited these areas you will find a wealth of great information within the Distributor support site.  HAPPY BROWSING