4. Effective Retailing

Effective Retailing

How to earn the most in the least amount of time!

Round / Route Book

Vital information if you want to be a success

The Early Challenges - Just get over it !!!

If you know the worst you can expect in the first few weeks of starting your retail you will be well placed to deal with it. All of us have overcome the following challenges and you have the same choice if you are to succeed!

You would prefer to drive 5 miles from home to a place where “you just know” the products will sell very well. TRUTH- the products sell everywhere including your own street, so start close to home and ‘ripple’ out each time.

When you deliver or collect you see other distributors (Kleeneze or other companies) and it puts you off ! TRUTH- Ignore them all, stick to YOUR plan and you will still get business (the averages you have been shown are based on distributors crossing over.) Persistent and consistent distributors are the ones who win through and remember customers choose who they buy from, not the other way round!


The weather. We have changeable weather in the UK (sometimes within 5 minutes!) Whatever the conditions an excuse is available for not putting your catalogues out. TRUTH- develop good work habits and you will be a success. There is a great saying in Kleeneze “ you can make money or excuses, you can’t make both!”

People don’t leave their catalogues out or they throw them away. TRUTH- of course this happens, mostly in your first month because your customers don’t know your system. You can expect to lose between 5% & 10% in your first four weeks, this is normal. Once you visit your routes for the second and subsequent times this loss reduces dramatically as you do not leave a catalogue if you didn’t get one back first time!! Remember sometimes people need your catalogues for longer to make up that massive order!

Wet catalogues. These tend to be very wrinkly once dried over radiators etc… it is best to discard these! TRUTH- About the only overhead in this business is that from time to time you will need to replenish your stock of catalogues to ensure you have enough to generate the income you want. Put away a little of your weekly profit to cover this.

Shredded or scratched plastic bags. TRUTH- When this happens replace immediately, it is your shop window after all!

You have a poor set of orders from a collection. TRUTH- Remember the early days are about establishing the whereabouts of your customers. Just put out your catalogues again and by consistently doing this you will pick up the averages


Retailing to Your Customer Base

After your first 4 weeks ,you must go back to where you started and repeat the same houses again. This time it will be easier as you have already crossed off the troublesome houses and you will start to be recognised. This is the start of you establishing your reliability.

After a further 4 weeks, go back and repeat the process one more time. This means you will have done 3 drops on a 4 week cycle. After 3 full cycles you cross off ALL the houses that have never looked at your catalogues. Doing this will reduce your workload by about half, at this stage you can blanket drop new areas if you wish or concentrate your saved time on the recruitment .

Now repeat the process for a further 3 cycles, only delivering to your customers and people who have looked at least once at your catalogue. After 6 cycles you cross off every house that has not ordered, this is your customer base.

Word of warning!!! Do not be tempted to short cut to this stage. Many people will place their first orders on your fifth and sixth drop.

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