30 Day Achievement Chart

30 Day Tracker

Setting goals is something that we all do, however achieving goals is something that most people struggle with.

This is an easy visual aid to staying on track to achieve your daily goals.

In the box provided list you top 5 daily goals. Such as:

  • - getting your catalogues out
  • - making your phones calls
  • - reading a personal development book
  • - listening to a positive audio
  • - writing your list for tomorrow

Then when you have achieved all your 5 goals for that day simply colour in the 1st box.

When you achieve all 5 daily goals, then colour in the daily block above the previous daily block.

If you fail to complete all 5 daily goals then colour in the daily block below the previous daily block.

Over the course of the month your blocks should follow an upward trend to your success.


This is a basic training that should be delivered at house meetings, on webinars and at network training's. The focus of the training is to promote commitment to being successful with your new and existing team members.

If the meeting allows we recommend that you print out the handout for each person in the meeting and sit in a circle to discuss each point. The slides should only be used in a larger meeting environment or webinar situation.