3. What To Expect

  1. Work to achieve the Welcome Rewards.
  2. You may come across other distributors catalogues – carry on posting your catalogues regardless and follow the system of distributing 400 catalogues a week.
  3. Different customers buy on different days.
  4. There are no territories.
  5. Most established distributors only service 400 customers per month therefore the majority of houses in any town will not be receiving a catalogue on a regular basis.
  6. Don’t listen to “Joe Public”. NEVER take advice from members of the public always follow the system and the advice of your sponsor & upline.
  7. Ignore “We do not buy at the door” stickers or signs. They do not apply to Kleeneze. We offer a home shopping delivery service not selling at the door.
  8. Expect good customer pick ups, medium pick ups and low pick ups. it will balance out OVER THE MONTH. Focus on accurately recording what happens to your catalogue at each house and you will soon be picking up up 25 customers per week. This is enough to build your understanding and your income.
  9. Develop your emotional strength. The system is designed to work best over a 12 to 16 week time frame (not 12 to 16 days!!)


Training Material

An Audio About Handling Objections


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