9. Customer Base

After 6 months – Customer Base

Fantastic money for very little time and effort

After your first 4 weeks ,you must go back to where you started and repeat the same houses again. This time it will be easier as you have already crossed off the troublesome houses and you will start to be recognised. This is the start of you establishing your reliability. 

  • Over time you can start to remove houses from your catalogue drops. Those who have not looked, told you not to deliver etc.
  • Your coach / active upline will have their recommendations to follow in creating your customer base.
  • Ask them for their hints and tips on how to build a solid customer base
  • Do not be tempted to short cut to this stage. Many people will place their first orders on your fifth and sixth drop



Hours Worked = 7 approx

Total earned in a month (4 weeks) = £461.14

£15 – £20+ per hour

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