7. Delivering & Collecting


 a minimum 400 catalogues per week



  • Dress sensibly (weather, comfort, smart casual, footwear)
  • Stay local, walk out your door, turn left or right.
  • Use your round book and pencil to record where you deliver your catalogues
  • Deliver to every house
  • Door signs are not aimed at Kleeneze Distributors
  • Always be courteous and polite, smile and thank them.
  • Leave your catalogue out for 24 hours


  • Remember to take “Sorry I missed you slips” – collect stragglers after 6pm or the following day.
  • Update your round book with any numbers you don’t get the catalogue back from.
  • Remember to put a slip through the door.

Stragglers (catalogues not got back YET!)

  • A catalogue is NOT LOST until you have been back 3 times to collect it
  • Go back a MINIMUM of 3 TIMES to collect a catalogue, as they will sometimes include customer orders. (you may wish to knock on the second time)
  • Always post a “Sorry I missed you” slip every time you go back
  • Go back for stragglers THE SAME EVENING OR THE FOLLOWING DAY

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