1. Start Up Packs

What you can expect to arrive very soon:

  • Your catalogues (delivered by Kleeneze)
  • Welcome letter and stickers (delivered by Kleeneze)
  • Your retail starter kit (delivered from our printers)

Retail Starter Kit

Catalogue Delivery Slips

Before you deliver your catalogues you must place a slip in the front of each catalogue pack to tell your customers when you will be back round to collect the catalogue. placing one of these in the front of each catalogue pack will greatly improve the amount of catalogues left out on the doorstep.


Catalogue Collection Slips

When you go to collect your catalogues back in you will find the majority have been left out on the doorstep for you. However some people will forget or may want to speak to you, so their catalogue will not be out. Simply push a reminder slip through the door. If the catalogue is not out on the second call back simply knock on their door and ask them for the Kleeneze catalogue, if no one is home simply push a (second) reminder slip through the door again. Please follow the advice of your coach, they will have dealt with this many times and following the proven system will result in minimal catalogue loss in your first 4 weeks.


  • All our retail stationary is available to order from Barneys Print Shop at: http://www.kleenezeprinting.co.uk
  • The username is ‘dnagroup’ and the password is ‘lemon’
  • Order the ‘Starter Pack’
  • Your sponsor may have chosen to order this for you, so make sure you thank them as this does incur a cost.


Your start up kit includes:

  • 300 Catalogue Delivery Slips to place in the front of your catalogues
  • 200 Catalogue Collection Slips to be used upon collecting your catalogues
  • 2 Round Books to keep accurate records as you develop your customer base

To order more please visit Barneys website on the link above.

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